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Environmentally Friendly,
Zero waste Zero risk 100% safe


Salty Energy?

Ensure long-lasting use in many different areas without the risk of explosion with salt water batteries, an environmentally friendly energy option from production to use.

Renewable Energy

It provides the opportunity to store energy obtained from wind, solar and other renewable energy sources at low cost.

Base Stations

It stores energy without risk to ensure the permanent continuity of communication.

Heavy Equipment and Forklift

Use on heavy-duty machinery also ensures longevity and safety.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

It provides energy in UPS systems in a cheap and safe way.
About Us

Eco-Friendly, Reliable, and Energy Saving!

As a company that produces sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative solutions, we aim to be one of the leading companies in the sector by prioritizing customer satisfaction in this journey. With the batteries we have developed with our expert staff, we offer reliability and quality by serving many different sectors.

Mission and Vision

In our world, where approximately 54% of batteries are left as waste to nature, we make the world more livable by offering completely environmentally friendly, safe and low-cost Salty - Salt Water Batteries.

In order to reduce Turkey's dependence on foreign energy, we aim to be the pioneer of sodium ion batteries first in our region and then in the world.

Our Roadmap


Meet Our Team!

Berat Furkan Sümay

R&D Engineer

Özgür Enes Taytaş

Business Development

Pelin Keleş

R&D Specialist

Furkan Baymış

R&D Engineer
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Store Energy Safely Without Heavy Metal Load

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