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Reliable and Environmentally Friendly Energy Source

Offering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for energy storage, Salty Energy makes energy storable without harming the environment thanks to its salt water batteries, which are aimed to be used in many different areas such as forklifts, solar panels, and windmills. Salty Energy produces batteries using sodium element instead of lithium element, which is the main ingredient of lithium-ion batteries that are widely used today. Thus, Salty Energy has become one of the leading companies in the sector in producing sustainable solutions with its safe, environmentally friendly, reliable and money saving batteries.

What We Provide?

The environmentally and budget-friendly energy source that your company needs is produced at Salty Energy with zero explosion risk and a long-lasting structure.

Environmentally Friendly

Salt water batteries, unlike ordinary batteries, do not harm the environment during the energy storage process.

Low Cost

Productions are carried out with the sodium element, which is abundant in nature.

Longer Life Span

In contrast to ordinary batteries, it has 2-3 times the service life.


Reliable energy source with saltwater batteries with zero explosion risk.

Çevre Dostu Olma

Doğaya zararlı atık bulundurmayan sodyum temelli akü


Dünyada bol bulunan Sodyum elementinin kullanılması

Uzun Ömür

Rakiplerinin 2-3 katı fazla kullanım ömrü


Kurşun, asit, cıva gibi zararlı madde bulundurmayan sıcaklık ve basınç değişimlerine toleranslı

Salty Energy?

Ensure long-lasting use in many different areas without the risk of explosion with salt water batteries, an environmentally friendly energy option from production to use.

Renewable Energy

It provides the opportunity to store energy obtained from wind, solar and other renewable energy sources at low cost.

Base Stations

It stores energy without risk to ensure the permanent continuity of communication.

Heavy Equipment and Forklift

Use on heavy-duty machinery also ensures longevity and safety.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

It provides energy in UPS systems in a cheap and safe way.

Greener, more economical, more reliable

With its innovative salt water batteries, it allows to store energy safely at lower costs without releasing toxic chemical wastes into the environment without the risk of explosion, unlike lithium-ion batteries.

ParametersLithium IonSodium Ion
Cost ($/kWh)0.110.05
Cycle Number18255000
SafetyRisk of fire/explosionNo risk of fire/explosion
Material AccessibilityLimited number and quantity of lithium mines worldwide6th most abundant element in the world
Environmental ImpactHigh water consumption and toxic wasteSustainable and environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly energy that does not pollute the soil

Sustainable solution for livable tomorrows with saltwater batteries that leave zero heavy metals in the ground compared to lithium-ion batteries.


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